Celebrating 300 Years of Devotion in the Philippines

The Philippines is a devoutly Marian country which means the Filipinos have a great love and intense devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. The Filipinos are known as El Pueblo Amante de Maria or a people in love with Mary.

The many churches we find today scattered all over the Philippines dedicated to the Mother of God speak eloquently of the Filipinos’ love for her. The big crowd of devotees flocking to her shrines is a concrete testimony of their gratitude to her for the many favors she has been granting them.

Our Lady of Penafrancia

Our Lady of Penafrancia is in commemoration of the 300th year of her veneration in the Philippines. Under this title, she is known to be the patroness of the entire Bicolandia where her miraculous image has been enshrined in Naga City for the past 300 years.

Not only Bicolanos are recipients of her miraculous powers, but countless Filipinos from all over the country and people from other nations as well attest to the love and care she has shown them.